How we work

Over the years L. A. Kattenhorn & Partners Limited has developed a highly accredited name for itself. We work mainly within two sectors: private works and contracted works. On a day to day basis we are more likely to carry out a higher number of contracted works due to the fact that these awarded contracts can sometimes take up to ten visits!

The way in which we carry out both sectors is very similar, albeit that the jobs can be worlds apart in size.

The first step in all works is an enquiry. This can be in many forms: an email enquiry, a phone call enquiry or a tender document. Once the enquiry is attended to a quote will be developed and released to the client in their preferred method. You can use the form on our Contact page to get in touch.

Once the quote has been sent out to the client, our company then waits to hear on whether the quotation has been successful.

If the quotation is successful and has been accepted, the programme department then allocates the works to the appropriate operatives and plant. This could include hiring a planer for larger contracts or traffic management. The client will usually follow this date up with a sub-contract order.

Nearer to the start date a supervisor will go out to site and remeasure the works to ensure the area hasn’t increased or decreased and that we have the right material ordered to start works on time.

On the start date our operatives will usually be on site around 8am unless there are site restrictions or the works are a second job. A supervisor will start our operatives on site and ensure they are all wearing the correct Personal Protective Equipment (or PPE), this could also be followed by a site visit from our in-house Health and Safety advisor to ensure all works are carried out safely.

Once the works are completed to our quality assured standards we will then have an invoice prepared and sent out to the client. Our terms our 30 days nett account unless agreed otherwise.

We have our own in-house credit control department to monitor all of our client’s accounts.

We are a Quality Assured company and we pride ourselves on our work reflecting this.