Over the years our fleet has substantially grown.

We now boast a large fleet of vehicles including 18 tachographed lorries including 2 low loaders, a large tipper for our planer, and a flat bed, these are used to transport our own plant items.

We also have a wide range of heavy-duty surfacing equipment which enables us to supply nearly all of our jobs with the appropriate machinery and equipment to get the job done. From the planing of an existing surface to laying specialist products such as Hot Rolled Asphalt and chips we can fully support our own works with our own plant and equipment. 

Owning our own equipment helps us to move faster, as we don't have the need to rent or hire anything from external companies. This also means that we can pass cost savings down to you.

We pride ourselves on owning the latest equipment, which is regularly serviced and maintained in-house by our dedicated full time plant and workshop manager.

Bobcat S70 Skid-Steer Loader more

Hamm HD 12 VO Tandem Roller more

Hamm HD 8 VV Tandem Roller with Two Vibrating Drumsmore

Vögele S1303-3i Road Pavermore

Vögele S1800-3i Road Pavermore

Vögele S1803-3i Wheeled Pavermore

Wirtgen w 100cfi Planermore