Vögele S1303-3i Road Paver

The wheeled SUPER 1303-3i stands out through an extremely compact design and excellent manoeuvrability. A basic width of 1.85m and an overall length of just 4.95m make the paver ideal for jobs in confined spaces. Coming with the AB 340 Extending Screed for pave widths up to 4.5m, the SUPER 1303-3i conveniently handles medium-sized jobs, too.

Though a compact-size machine the SUPER 1303-3i conveniently handles medium-sized job sites as well. VÖGELE naturally offer a particularly large and practical selection of sensors permitting versatile use of the Niveltronic Plus system. The precise steering and handling characteristics make for the SUPER 1303-3i‘s excellent manoeuvrability, as demonstrated by its outside turning radius of just 4.9m (3.8m with Pivot Steer). With its powerful traction drive, the machine can pave swiftly and travel on public roads at a maximum speed of 20km/h.