Hamm HD 12 VO Tandem Roller

The H series compactors have already received multiple awards for their successful design. Large slope angles and powerful drives make for easy compaction with the H series compactors even in rough or steep terrain. The combination of an ingenious frame design and a slender engine hood provides drivers of the H series compactors with a clear view of the ground to be compacted. Not even the exhaust pipe intrudes as it was arranged in such a way that it is kept out of the driver’s line of sight. The 3-point articulation developed by HAMM is the key to extremely favourable weight distribution and results, among other things, in enormous driving stability. This benefit is particularly apparent when compacting uneven ground. Even in such conditions, the articulated joint guarantees unrivalled driving comfort. The chassis design ensures uniform weight distribution on the drum and rear axle plus effective shock absorption, even at maximum steering lock. In addition, the risk of tipping over when turning is substantially reduced.