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Decorative Resin

Decorative Resin is fast becoming one of the most popular surfaces in this industry.

Known for being a hard wearing and skid resistant surface it’s highly suitable for driveways and other surfaces. And as you can see from the pictures it really does make an impressive difference to your home or business.

We source only the best materials from our network of partners, and can produce any colour you desire.

The finest quality decorative stone finish of Resin enhances the natural beauty of any surroundings. Resin has a very attractive finish, it's also hard wearing.

It is inherently strong, the finish adds stability to any surface - asphalt, concrete, timber and even steel. Resin not only looks great, It is easy to maintain, safely brush, or pressure wash away any dirt and leaves, to restore it's natural beauty year after year.

Decorative Resin is available as either Bonded (which looks like loose gravel) or Bound, which is much tighter and smoother.

The example colours on the right hand side are just a small example of the colours we can actually provide. Please contact us for more information.

Decorative Resin

  • Amber Flint
  • Amber Gold
  • Autumn Gold
  • Brittany Bronze
  • Grey Bauxite
  • Multi-Flint
  • Red Granite
  • Staffordshire Pink