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Residential Customers

Our standard lead time is around two weeks from the point of booking however during school holidays and the summer months this can be up to 6 weeks so we ask that customers do try and book as soon as they accept in order to meet their programme requirements. 

Our standard payment terms are 30 days from point of invoice. 

Yes, some of suppliers will let you go to their depots to see their products to ensure you are happy with your choices, we can also bring samples with us to site visits to ensure you are getting exactly what you want. We can also mix colours to suit your home and create a unique blend for you personally. 

Yes in light rain you can still lay tarmac, however if the rain is excessive it is advisable that tarmac is not laid as it cools material down too quickly and also leaves standing water.

We advise that a good couple of days should suffice, giving the surface a chance to harden and cool.

Weeds are unfortunately a natural process that cannot be fully prevented. They especially like to break through surfaces near lawn or plant bed areas but can also appear in random locations too. The best way to try to prevent them is treat the area regularly that is due to be surfaced at least a week before we are due to surface. This will give the drive or area a fighting chance against weeds.

 After surfacing works are complete, if a root appears follow the following steps. If the root of the weed has not penetrated the surface then the head should just be discarded and carefully removed. You can follow this up with a water based weed killer for extra protection.

If the weeds root has penetrated the surface then a water based total weed killer should be used. When the weeds have died off the foliage should be carefully removed and when the surface is warm the patch should be re-consolidated through foot pressure. Only remove the weeds if they can be carefully removed without disturbing the surfacing works.